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American Johnny WEISSMULLER

born Johann Peter WEISSMÜLLER

Austro-Hungarian-born American competition swimmer and actor

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Born: on June 02, 1904 in Szabadfalva (Freidorf), Austria-Hungary, today part of Timi?oara (Temeschwar), Romania, Romania
Died: on January 20, 1984 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico


Johann Weißmüller was an ethnic German on his father's side, the elder son of Peter Weißmüller and his wife Elisabeth (née Kersch), both Banat Swabians, an ethnic German population in the southeastern part of the Kingdom of Hungary. Johann had one sibling, a younger brother, Peter. His generally accepted birthplace was in Szabadfalva (Freidorf), Austro-Hungarian Empire, today part of Timi?oara (Temeschwar), Romania. The records of St. Rochus Church in Freidorf show that Johann, son of Peter and Elisabeth (née Kersch) Weissmüller, was baptized there on June 5, 1904, three days after his birth. According to the contemporary laws, his name was recorded as János Weissmüller. However, the ship's roster from his family's arrival at Ellis Island lists his birthplace as Párdány, Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Meda, Žitište, Serbia, near the Romanian border).

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