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French Raoul VILLAIN

French nationalist, primarily remembered for his assassination of the French socialist leader Jean Jaurès

Source :  Cédric TOUVETGeorges-Pierre WOIMANT

Born: on September 19, 1885 in Reims, Marne, France
Died: on September 14, 1936 in Ibiza, Spain


Villain was born in Reims, Marne, France on September 19, 1885. As a 29 year old student in archeology at the École du Louvre, he was a member of the Ligue des jeunes amis de l'Alsace-Lorraine ("League of Young Friends of Alsace-Lorraine"), a nationalist student group.

After France's defeat in the Franco-Prussian War, the French provinces of Alsace and Lorraine were annexed by Germany. This was a source of anger and resentment in France, causing many to feel that a new war with Germany was in order to recover both territories and French "pride". Therefore many like Villain were opposed to the pacifist policies of Jean Jaurès. Villain lived for some time in England, at Loughton, where he stayed with Mrs Annie Francis, who described him, according to The Observer on 6 June 1915, as "a gentle and very kind man".

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