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French Barthélemy THIMONNIER

French inventor, who invented the first sewing machine

Source :  Annie VERRIERE ,  Jérôme GALICHON

Born: on August 19, 1793 in L'Arbresle, France
Died: on July 05, 1857 in Amplepuis, France


Thimonnier was the oldest of seven children. He studied for a while in Lyon, before going to work as a tailor in Panissières. In 1823, he settled in a suburb (or called a commutety) of Saint-Étienne and worked as a tailor there.

In 1829, he invented the sewing machine and signed a contract with Auguste Ferrand in 1830, a mining engineer, who made the requisite drawings and submitted a patent application. The patent for his machine was issued on 17 July 1830 in the names of both men, supported by the French government. The same year, he opened (with partners) the first machine-based clothing manufacturing company in the world. It was supposed to create army uniforms. However, the factory was burned down, reportedly by workers fearful of losing work following the issuing of the patent. Barthelemy Thimonnier married an embroideress in January 1822.

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