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Jacques TATI

French Jacques TATI

born Jacques TATISCHEFF

French filmmaker, actor, and screenwriter

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Born: on October 09, 1907 in Le Pecq, France
Died: on November 04, 1982 in Paris, France


Jacques Tati was of Russian, Dutch, and Italian ancestry. His father, George Emmanuel Tatischeff, born in 1875 in Paris (d. 1957), was the son of Dmitry Tatishchev, General of the Imperial Russian Army and military attaché to the Russian Embassy in Paris. The Tatischeffs (also spelled Tatishchev) were a Russian noble family of patrilineal Rurikid descent. Whilst stationed in Paris Dmitri Tatischeff married a French woman, Rose Anathalie Alinquant. (Russian sources indicate that she was a circus performer and that they never married).

Under suspicious circumstances Dmitri Tatischeff died from injuries sustained in a horse-riding accident shortly after the birth of George Emmanuel. As a child George Emmanuel experienced turbulent times, such as being forcibly removed from France and taken to Russia to live. In 1883 his mother brought him back to France where they settled on the estate of Le Pecq, near Saint-Germain-en-Laye on the outskirts of Paris.

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