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Antoine SIMON

French Antoine SIMON

French shoemaker, he was designated to watch over Louis XVII at the Temple

Source :  Vendée Militaire

Born: on October 21, 1736 in Troyes, France
Died: on July 28, 1794 in Paris, France


Royalist authors painted the image of a violent, vulgar and alcoholic Simon, acting brutally toward the child; however, this has never been proven. Author Georges Bordonove traces the portrait of a Simon with limited intelligence, entirely devoted to the ideals of the Revolution, and strongly influenced by political leaders such as Pierre Gaspard Chaumette and Jacques Hébert. Simon seems to have followed Chaumette's idea to "give some education to the prince [...] to make him lose the idea of his rank" (lui donner quelque éducation [...] pour lui faire perdre l'idée de son rang. He requested that his wife Marie-Jeanne (1745–1819) help him in the care of the boy.

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