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Spanish Gonzalo PIZARRO


Spanish conquistador

Source :  Jacques CHANIS

Born: in 1510 in Trujillo, España
Died: on April 10, 1548 in Cuzco, Perú


Born in Trujillo, Spain, Gonzalo Pizarro accompanied his eldest brother, Francisco Pizarro, in his third expedition for the conquest of Peru in 1532. Gonzalo was also the brother of Hernando Pizarro and Juan Pizarro. A lieutenant of his brother Francisco during the conquest, Gonzalo Pizarro was one of the most corrupt, brutal and ruthless conquistadors of the New World, being far less restrained towards the natives and the Inca than his older brothers.

After Inca emperor Atahualpa was captured in the Battle of Cajamarca and later executed on July 26, 1533, the Pizarro brothers and their followers marched towards the Inca capital of Cuzco to complete the conquest, capturing the city on November 15 after a brief battle with the Inca forces under Quizquiz holding it after previously defeating the central government and massacring the nobility of Cuzco. Some sources suggest the Spaniards were well received after vanquishing the northern forces having occupied the capital for nineteen months, but that fact is highly uncertain.

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