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Stephen Jean Marie PICHON

French Stephen Jean Marie PICHON

French politician

Source :  Dominique BARTET

Born: on August 10, 1857 in Arnay-le-Duc (21)
Died: on September 18, 1933 in Vers-en-Montagne (39)


Stephen-Jean-Marie Pichon (10 August 1857 in Arnay-le-Duc - 18 September 1933 in Vers-en-Montagne) was a French politician of the Third Republic. The Avenue Stéphen-Pichon in Paris is named after him.

He served as French Minister to China (1897?1900), including the period of the Boxer Uprising. An associate of Georges Clemenceau, he served several times under Clemenceau and others as Minister of Foreign Affairs, a role in which he proved amiable, but not particularly effective. His most notable service was under Clemenceau during the latter part of the First World War and the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, but, like most of the other foreign ministers at the conference, Pichon was largely sidelined by the more forceful figure of his head of government.

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