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Marie-Anne Pierrette PAULZE

French Marie-Anne Pierrette PAULZE

born Marie Anne Pierrette PAULZE

French chemist

Source :  Famille ETIENNE

Born: on January 20, 1758 in Montbrison, France
Died: on February 10, 1836 in Paris, France


Her father, Jacques Paulze, was of French descent and worked primarily as a parliamentary lawyer and financier. Most of his income came from running the Ferme Générale (The General Farm) which was a private consortium of financiers who paid the French monarchy for the privilege of collecting certain taxes. Her mother, Claudine Thoynet Paulze, died in 1761, leaving behind not only Marie-Anne but two other sons. After her mother’s death Paulze was placed in a convent where she received her formal education.

At the age of thirteen Paulze received a marriage proposal from the Count d’Amerval, who was nearly three times her age. Jacques Paulze tried to object to the union, but received threats about losing his job with the Ferme Générale. To indirectly thwart the marriage, Jacques Paulze made an offer to one of his colleagues to ask for his daughter’s hand instead. This colleague was Antoine Lavoisier, a French nobleman and scientist. Lavoisier accepted the proposition, and he and Marie-Anne were married on 16 December 1771. Lavoisier was about 28.

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