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French Charles NUNGESSER

born Charles Eugène Jules Marie NUNGESSER

French ace pilot and adventurer

Source :  Stéphane HOUZE

Born: on March 15, 1892 in Paris, France
Died: on May 08, 1927 in Disparu Au-dessus De L'Atlantique


Charles Nungesser was born in Paris, and as a child was very interested in competitive sports. After attending the École des Arts et Métiers, where he was a mediocre student who nonetheless excelled in sports such as boxing, he went to South America; first to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to search for an uncle who could not be located and then onto Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he worked as an auto mechanic before becoming a professional racer. His interest in racing soon led him to flying airplanes; Nungesser learned to fly by using a Bleriot plane owned by a friend. After he eventually found his missing uncle, he worked on his sugar plantation in the Buenos Aires province.

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