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American John DE MENIL

born Jean Marie Joseph MENU DE MENIL

American businessman, philanthropist, and art patron

Source :  Béatrice HANNECART

Born: on January 04, 1904 in Paris, France
Died: on June 01, 1973 in Houston, Texas, USA


John de Ménil was born Baron Jean Marie Joseph Menu du Ménil in Paris, France. After emigrating to the United States during WWII, he began using the name 'John Menu de Ménil' which is an anglicized version of 'Jean Menu du Ménil'. Over time he stopped using the 'Menu' portion of his surname and began using shortened forms of the surname such as 'de Ménil' or 'Deménil'. John's children also usually spell their surname as 'de Ménil' (sometimes they use the form 'Deménil'). After becoming a U. S. citizen in 1962, John officially changed his first name from 'Jean' to 'John'.

John was a son of Baron Georges-Auguste-Emmanuel Menu du Ménil (April 20, 1863 - 1947) and Marie-Madeleine Rougier (1866-1929). The Menu du Ménil family was a French Catholic family, many of whose male members had held high positions in the French military.

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