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Johann Thomas LUNDBYE

Danish Johann Thomas LUNDBYE

Danish painter and graphic artist

Source :  Otto HOLZAPFEL

Born: on September 09, 1818 in Kalundborg, Denmark
Died: on April 26, 1848 in ?, Denmark


He was born in Kalundborg to Joachim Theodor Lundbye and wife Catherine Bonnevie. He was sickly as a child. He studied privately under animal painter Christian Holm and at the age of 14 he came into J. L. Lund’s drawing school and the Royal Danish Academy of Art (Danish, Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi) in Copenhagen, where he finished in 1842. He began exhibiting in 1835, and in 1839 he made An Ancient Burial Mound by Raklev on Refsnæs and his painting "Parti af Dyrehaven med Hjorte og Hinde" ("View of the Deer Park with Stag and Hind") was purchased by N.L. Høyen's influential Art Union (Kunstforeningen).

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