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American Lois Irene MARSHALL

born Lois Irene KIMSEY

Wife of Thomas R. Marshall, Second Lady of the United States

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Born: on May 09, 1873
Died: on January 06, 1958 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA


The daughter of William Edward Kimsey and Elizabeth Dale, Lois married Marshall, 19 years her senior, on October 2, 1895.

She became involved in charitable activities in Washington and spent time working at the Diet Kitchen Welfare Center providing free meals to impoverished children. In 1917 she became acquainted with a mother of newborn twins, one of whom was chronically ill. The child's parents were unable to get adequate treatment for their son's condition. Lois Marshall formed a close bond with the baby, who was named Clarence Ignatius Morrison, and offered to take him and help him find treatment. The Marshalls had been unable to have children but they never officially adopted Morrison because they believed that to go through the procedure while his parents were still alive would appear unusual to the public. They instead made a special arrangement with his parents. Morrison lived with the Marshalls for the rest of his life. In correspondence they referred to him as Morrison Marshall, but in person they called him Izzy. Lois took him to see many doctors and spent all her available time trying to nurse him back to health but his condition worsened and he died in February 1920, just before his fourth birthday.

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