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American Jeff BRIDGES

born Jeffrey Leon BRIDGES

American actor and musician

Source :  Tim DOWLING

Born: on December 04, 1949 in Los Angeles, California, USA

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1ACKWORTH1558-1618Of Kent England Kent, England, United Kingdom
1ACRE (d')1387-1418Morpeth Northumberland Scotland Scotland, United Kingdom
1ALLBE1810-1878Rockingham Windham Co. Vt United Kingdom
1ALLBEE1830-1922Rockingham Windham Co. Vt United Kingdom
1ALLYNE1557-1557Southwark Surrey England Surrey, England, United Kingdom
1AMES1730-1826Marshfield Plymouth Co. Ma United Kingdom
1ANDERSON1440-1440 United Kingdom
1ANDERTON1520-1573Lancashire England Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
1ARUNDEL1437-1437Tolverne Cornwall England Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
1ARUNDEL (de)1394-1443Cornwall England Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
1BAKER1474-1474Cople Bedfordshire England Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
1BAR (de)1410-1410West Bromwich Staffordshire England Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
1BARKER1578-1711Of Kent England Kent, England, United Kingdom
1BARNHILL1832-1921Jones Co. Ia United Kingdom
1BARRE1397-1479Paston Norfolk England Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
1BATES1562-1754Lydd Kent England Kent, England, United Kingdom
1BEARDING1627-1674Of Hartford Hartford Co. Ct United Kingdom
3BEAUCHAMP1417-1448Warwick Castle Warwick Warwickshire England Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom
2BEAUCHAMP (de)1439Salwarpe Worcestershire England England, United Kingdom
2BEAUFORT1406-1443Westminster Middlesex England England, United Kingdom