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American Tom HANKS

born Thomas Jeffrey HANKS

American actor, producer, writer and director

Source :  Tim DOWLING

Born: on July 09, 1956 in Concord, California, USA

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1AP ANARAWD885-885Aberffro,Malltraeth Wales, United Kingdom
1ALREKSSON466-466Sweden Sweden
1ALLERDALE1085-1085East Lothian Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
1ALLERDALE1126-1126Dunbar Castle,East Lothian Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom
1ALLERDALE1126-1126Atholl,Perthshire Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom
1ALGAUTSDOTTER681-682Varmland Värmland, Sweden
1ALGAUTSDOTTER664-664Sweden Sweden
1AP ANARAWD942-942Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AGNASSON445-465Sweden Sweden
1AGNARSSON715-715Vestfold Vestfold, Norway
1ADILSSON594-594Sweden Sweden
1AP LAGO569-569Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP LLEWELYN1011-1011Rhuddlan,Flintshire Clwyd, Wales, United Kingdom
1AP HYWEL913-913Dynevor,Llandyfeisant Wales, United Kingdom
1AP HYMEID867-867Dynevor Wales, United Kingdom
1AP ELIDIR738-825Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP EDERN386-386North Wales France
1AP EDNYWAIN938-938Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP EDERN386-386Cardigan Wales, United Kingdom
1AP DYGNWALLON780-780Ceredigion Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom