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French Georges GUYNEMER

born Georges Marie Ludovic Jules GUYNEMER

French national hero during World War I, and a top fighter ace at the time of his death

Source :  Patrick NASTRO

Born: on December 24, 1894 in Paris, France
Died: on September 11, 1917 in Sud De Poelkapelle, Belgique


Guynemer was born to a wealthy Compiègne family and experienced an often sickly childhood. Nevertheless, he succeeded as an aviator through his enormous drive and self-confidence. He was originally rejected for military service, but was accepted for training as a mechanic in late 1914. With determination, he gained acceptance to pilot training, joining Escadrille MS.3 on 8 June 1915. He remained in the same unit for his entire service. He experienced both victory and defeat on the first plane allocated to him, a Morane-Saulnier L monoplane previously flown by Charles Bonnard, and accordingly named Vieux Charles (Old Charles). Guynemer kept the name and continued to use it for most of his later aircraft.

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