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Giuseppe FIESCHI

French Giuseppe FIESCHI

Chief conspirator in an attempt on the life of King Louis-Philippe of France in July 1835

Source :  Francesco Maria CICOGNA MOZZONIAntoine VERSINI

Born: on December 13, 1790 in Murato, Corse, France
Died: on February 19, 1836 in Paris, France


Fieschi was born on 13 December 1790 in Bocognano, a commune on the island of Corsica. His parents were Louis and Marie Lucie, of Pomonti. He had two brothers, Thomas and Anthony. Thomas was killed in the Battle of Wagram. Anthony was mute from birth. Giuseppe spent his childhood and adolescence as a shepherd. In 1808 he joined a Corsican regiment and was sent to Naples, then to Russia to fight in the Napoleonic Wars.

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