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Christian DORNIER

French Christian DORNIER

French mass murderer

Source :  Daniel BARRANDDominique FEBVREDominique SERETJacques BERHAULTluxioliePierre ROUSSELwatellierantoine

Born: on July 15, 1958 in Baume-les-Dames, Doubs, France
Died: October 2014 in Sarreguemines, Moselle, France


He shot to death his sister and mother and wounded his father with a 12-gauge double-barrelled shotgun at their farm on July 12, 1989. He then drove through the village of Luxiol and the adjacent area, shooting people at random. A total of 15 people were killed and seven others injured in his half-hour rampage, before police managed to subdue him.

He was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and thus could not be held accountable for his crime according to French law, much to the anger of the victims' families. He has been treated in a psychiatric hospital in Sarreguemines since April 1991.

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