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American Dionne WARWICK

born Marie Dionne WARRICK

American singer and actress

Source :  Tim DOWLING

Born: on December 12, 1940 in East Orange, New Jersey, USA

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1ALREKSSON466-466Sweden Sweden
1ALGAUTSDOTTER681-682Varmland Värmland, Sweden
1ALGAUTSDOTTER664-664Sweden Sweden
1AGNARSSON715-715Vestfold Vestfold, Norway
1ADILSSON594-594Sweden Sweden
1AP ARTHEN755-755Ceredigion Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom
1AP BELI540-540Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP BLEDDYN1050-1050Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP BLEIDDIG820-820Dyfed Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom
1AP BROCHWEL730-730Powys,Montgomeryshire Powys, Wales, United Kingdom
1AP CADFAN591-591Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP CYNFYN1025-1044Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP DYGNWALLON780-780Ceredigion Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom
1AP ELIDIR738-825Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP GWERYSTAN1002-1002Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP HYMEID867-867Dynevor Wales, United Kingdom
1AP HYWEL913-913Dynevor,Llandyfeisant France
1AP LAGO569-569Wales Wales, United Kingdom
1AP MADOG1243-1243Staffordshire Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom
2AP MADOG1130-1200Wales Wales, United Kingdom