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born Desiderius DE MONTE-CASSIN

Pope from 24 May 1086 to his death in 1087

Source :  Jacques CHANIS

Born: in 1027 in Benevento, Italie
Died: on September 16, 1087


He was born in 1026 or 1027 to a branch of the Lombard dukes of Benevento as son of Prince Landulf V of Benevento. After his father died in battle with the Normans in 1047, he fled from an arranged marriage and, though brought back by force, eventually fled again. He went to Cava de' Tirreni, where he obtained permission to enter the monastery of S. Sophia at Benevento, where he changed his name from Dauferius to Desiderius. The life at S. Sophia was not strict enough for the young monk, who betook himself first to the island monastery of Tremite San Nicolo in the Adriatic and in 1053 to some hermits at Majella in the Abruzzi. About this time he was brought to the notice of St. Leo IX, and it is probable that the pope employed him at Benevento to negotiate peace with the Normans after the fatal battle of Civitate.

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