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French André CITROËN

born André Gustave CITROËN

French industrialist and freemason of Dutch and Polish extraction

Source :  steam21

Born: on February 05, 1878 in Paris, France
Died: on July 03, 1935 in Paris, France


Born in Paris in 1878, André-Gustave was the fifth and last child of Jewish parents,[4][5][6] diamond merchant Levie Citroen from the Netherlands and Masza Amelia Kleinman from Warsaw, Poland. He was a cousin of the British philosopher Sir A. J. Ayer (the only son of his aunt Reine).

The Citroen family moved to Paris from Warsaw in 1873. Upon arrival, the French diaeresis was added to the Dutch surname (reputedly by one of André's teachers), changing Citroen to Citroën. Citroen comes from a grandfather in the Netherlands who had been a greengrocer and seller of tropical fruit, and had taken the surname of Limoenman, Dutch for "lime man," his son however changed it to Citroen, which in Dutch means "lemon".

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