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Mélanie CALVAT

French Mélanie CALVAT

born Mélanie MATHIEU

French Roman Catholic nun and Marian visionary

Source :  pmoussier

Born: on October 07, 1831 in Corps, France
Died: on December 15, 1904 in Altamura, Italie


Calvat was from Corps en Isère, France. She was the fourth of ten children to Pierre Calvat, a stonemason and sawyer by trade who did not hesitate to take whatever job he could find because of the large family he had to support, and Julie Barnaud, his wife. The family's poverty was so complete that the young were sometimes dispatched to beg on the street.

At a very young age Calvat was hired out to tend the neighbors' cows. From the spring to the fall of 1846 she worked for Jean-Baptiste Pra at Les Ablandins, one of the hamlets of the village of La Salette. She only spoke the regional Occitan dialect and fragmented French. She had neither schooling nor religious instruction and could neither read or write.

On 19 September 1846, it is related that Calvat and Maximin Giraud saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary in the mountains of La Salette. The apparition transmitted both a public message to them, and a personal message to each of them.

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