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French Jules BONNOT

born Jules Joseph BONNOT

French illegalist

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Born: on October 14, 1876 in Pont-de-Roide, Doubs, France
Died: on April 27, 1912 in Paris, France


Bonnot was born in Pont-de-Roide, a town in Doubs, France (the same département in which anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon was born). At the age of five, his mother died, leaving Bonnot in the care of his father (a factory worker) and grandmother.

As a teenager, Bonnot served time in prison on two occasions (the latter, for assaulting a police officer) and was compelled to leave his work at the factory after being accused of stealing copper shavings.

At the age of 21, Bonnot was conscripted for service in France's infantry, where he served three years as a truck auto mechanic. He was an excellent rifleman and left the army as a corporal first class.

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