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born Paul Marie BOLO

Frenchman who was a Levantine financier, a traitor and a German agent

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Born: on September 24, 1867 in Marseille, France
Died: on April 17, 1918 in Paris, France


Paul Bolo was born in Marseille to highly respected, law-abiding parents. Bolo's older brother was "an eloquent French prelate". Starting in his youth, Paul was the black sheep of the family. He changed occupations frequently. His first place of employment was a barber's shop, where he worked as an assistant. After a few months, Bolo became the owner of a small soap shop. After his soap business collapsed, Bolo decided to sell lobsters. "For many months all went well. The sales were large, but the expenditures were greater than the receipts, and the venture went 'to the wall.'" After that failure Bolo left Marseille, and it was rumored that he was involved with a silk manufacturing company in Lyon.

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