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French Marcellin BERTHELOT

born Pierre Eugène Marcellin BERTHELOT

French chemist and politician

Source :  Sébastien LANGLOIS-BERTHELOT

Born: on October 25, 1827 in Paris, France
Died: on March 18, 1907 in Paris, France


He was born in Paris, France, the son of a doctor. After doing well at school in history and philosophy, he became a scientist.

The fundamental conception that underlay all Berthelot's chemical work was that all chemical phenomena depend on the action of physical forces which can be determined and measured. When he began his active career it was generally believed that, although some instances of the synthetic production of organic substances had been observed, on the whole organic chemistry remained an analytical science and could not become a constructive one, because the formation of the substances with which it deals required the intervention of vital activity in some shape.

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