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  • AmericanBret BOONE

    American former Major League Baseball second[...]

    Bret BOONE
  • AmericanJim HARBAUGH

    American football coach and former player

  • AmericanBob BOONE

    American former catcher and manager in Major[...]

    Bob BOONE
  • AmericanCarlton FISK

    American former Major League Baseball catcher

    Carlton FISK
  • AmericanPete ROSE

    Former Major League Baseball player and manager

    Pete ROSE
  • AmericanMickey MANTLE

    American baseball center fielder

    (1931 - 1995)
    Mickey MANTLE
  • AmericanRay BOONE

    American Major League Baseball player

    (1923 - 2004)
    Ray BOONE
  • AmericanChuck CONNORS

    American actor, writer, and professional[...]

    (1921 - 1992)
    Chuck CONNORS
  • AmericanSam LANGFORD

    Major League Baseball center fielder

    (1900 - 1993)
  • AmericanTy COBB

    American Major League Baseball outfielder

    (1886 - 1961)
    Ty COBB

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