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  • AmericanTim TEBOW

    American professional baseball player, former[...]

    Tim TEBOW
  • AmericanAndre ETHIER

    American former professional baseball outfielder

    Andre ETHIER
  • AmericanDrungo HAZEWOOD

    American outfielder in Major League Baseball

    (1959 - 2013)
    Drungo HAZEWOOD
  • AmericanTom SEAVER

    American professional baseball pitcher

    (1944 - 2020)
    Tom SEAVER
  • AmericanLou BOUDREAU

    American professional baseball player and manager

    (1917 - 2001)
  • AmericanDeacon PHILLIPPE

    Major League Baseball pitcher who played for[...]

    (1872 - 1952)
    Deacon PHILLIPPE
  • AmericanBilly SUNDAY

    American athlete who, after being a popular[...]

    (1862 - 1935)
    Billy SUNDAY
  • AmericanClayton KERSHAW

    Left-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles[...]

    Clayton KERSHAW
  • AmericanBrian DOZIER

    American professional baseball second baseman

    Brian DOZIER
  • CanadianEric GAGNé

    Former Major League Baseball pitcher

    Eric GAGNé

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