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  • AmericanMichael BLOOMBERG

    American politician, businessman, and author,[...]

    Michael BLOOMBERG
  • AmericanBernie SANDERS

    American politician

    Bernie SANDERS
  • AmericanNancy PELOSI

    60th Speaker of the United States House of[...]

    Nancy PELOSI
  • AmericanPat BUCHANAN

    American political commentator, author,[...]

  • AmericanJohn McCAIN

    United States Senator from Arizona

    John McCAIN
  • AmericanRon PAUL

    U.S. Representative for Texas's 14th[...]

    Ron PAUL
  • AmericanTed KENNEDY

    United States Senator from Massachusetts

    (1932 - 2009)
  • AmericanBobby KENNEDY

    American politician, Democratic senator from[...]

    (1925 - 1968)
    Bobby KENNEDY
  • AmericanNancy REAGAN

    First Lady of the United States from 1981 to 1989

    (1921 - 2016)
    Nancy REAGAN
  • AmericanSpiro AGNEW

    39th Vice President of the United States[...]

    (1918 - 1996)
    Spiro AGNEW

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