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  • AmericanGlenn BECK

    American conservative political commentator,[...]

    Glenn BECK
  • AmericanJodi APPLEGATE

    American broadcast journalist

  • AmericanBill HEMMER

    American journalist, the host of the TV show[...]

    Bill HEMMER
  • AmericanJoel OSTEEN

    American Christian televangelist

    Joel OSTEEN
  • AmericanWayne Allyn ROOT

    American politician, entrepreneur, television[...]

    Wayne Allyn ROOT
  • AmericanSean HANNITY

    American talk show host and conservative[...]

    Sean HANNITY
  • AmericanLester HOLT

    American journalist

    Lester HOLT
  • AmericanVanna WHITE

    American television personality and film[...]

    Vanna WHITE
  • AmericanDavid SEDARIS

    American humorist, comedian, author, and[...]

    David SEDARIS
  • AmericanTony SNOW

    American journalist, political commentator,[...]

    (1955 - 2008)
    Tony SNOW

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