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  • AmericanDonald TRUMP

    American business magnate, socialite, author[...]

    Donald TRUMP
  • AmericanDiane KEATON

    American actress, director, producer,[...]

    Diane KEATON
  • AmericanJohn MCAFEE

    British-American computer programmer and[...]

    John MCAFEE
  • AmericanTed TURNER

    American media mogul and philanthropist,[...]

    Ted TURNER
  • AmericanKenny ROGERS

    American singer, songwriter, actor, record[...]

    (1938 - 2020)
    Kenny ROGERS
  • FrenchJean-Paul GUERLAIN

    French perfumer

    Jean-Paul GUERLAIN
  • AmericanGeorge SOROS

    Hungarian-American business magnate,[...]

    George SOROS
  • AmericanWarren BUFFETT

    American investor, businessman, and philanthropist

    Warren BUFFETT
  • FrenchMarcel BICH

    Co-founder of Bic, the world's leading[...]

    (1914 - 1994)
    Marcel BICH
  • CanadianMary PICKFORD

    Canadian motion picture actress, co-founder[...]

    (1893 - 1979)

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