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  • AmericanEddie VAN HALEN

    American musician, songwriter, producer, and[...]

    (1955 - 2020)
    Eddie VAN HALEN
  • AustralianAngus YOUNG

    Australian musician, best known as the[...]

    Angus YOUNG
  • ScottishAnnie LENNOX

    Scottish singer, songwriter, political[...]

    Annie LENNOX
  • AmericanNancy WILSON

    American musician, singer, songwriter,[...]

    Nancy WILSON
  • AmericanPat BENATAR

    American singer, songwriter, actress, and[...]

  • AmericanJuice NEWTON

    American pop and country singer, songwriter,[...]

    Juice NEWTON
  • AmericanSteven SEAGAL

    American actor, producer, screenwriter,[...]

    Steven SEAGAL
  • AmericanChrissie HYNDE

    American singer-songwriter and musician,[...]

    Chrissie HYNDE
  • IrishBob GELDOF

    Irish singer-songwriter, author, political[...]

    Bob GELDOF
  • EnglishPhil COLLINS

    English drummer, singer, songwriter,[...]

    Phil COLLINS

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