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  • AmericanJanet JACKSON

    American recording artist and actress

    Janet JACKSON
  • AmericanCourtney LOVE

    American singer, actress, writer, and visual[...]

    Courtney LOVE
  • AmericanWhitney HOUSTON

    American singer, actress, producer, and model

    (1963 - 2012)
    Whitney HOUSTON
  • AmericanAxl ROSE

    American singer-songwriter and musician, lead[...]

    Axl ROSE
  • AmericanJoan OSBORNE

    American singer, songwriter, and interpreter[...]

    Joan OSBORNE
  • AmericanTerri NUNN

    American singer and actress, best known as[...]

    Terri NUNN
  • NorwegianMorten HARKET

    Norwegian vocalist and musician, best known[...]

    Morten HARKET
  • AmericanMADONNA

    American recording artist, actress and[...]

  • AmericanMichael JACKSON

    American singer, dancer and entertainer

    (1958 - 2009)
    Michael JACKSON
  • EnglishAndy GIBB

    English singer

    (1958 - 1988)
    Andy GIBB

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