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  • AmericanJohn FOGERTY

    American musician, singer and songwriter,[...]

    John FOGERTY
  • AmericanDebbie HARRY

    American singer, songwriter, model and[...]

    Debbie HARRY
  • AmericanJessye NORMAN

    American opera singer and recitalist

    (1945 - 2019)
    Jessye NORMAN
  • EnglishRod STEWART

    British rock singer and songwriter

  • AmericanStephen STILLS

    American singer, songwriter, and[...]

    Stephen STILLS
  • AmericanDiana ROSS

    American singer, actress, record producer and[...]

    Diana ROSS
  • AmericanFrank SINATRA

    American singer, songwriter and conductor

    Frank SINATRA
  • AmericanBobbie GENTRY

    American singer-songwriter

    Bobbie GENTRY
  • EnglishRay DAVIES

    English musician, lead singer, rhythm[...]

    Ray DAVIES
  • AmericanBrenda LEE

    American performer and the top-charting solo[...]

    Brenda LEE

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