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  • AmericanLena DUNHAM

    American actress, writer, producer, and director

    Lena DUNHAM
  • AmericanRose MCGOWAN

    American actress, model, singer, and author

    Rose MCGOWAN
  • AmericanHelen HUNT

    American actress, film director, and screenwriter

    Helen HUNT
  • AmericanSean PENN

    American actor, screenwriter and film director

    Sean PENN
  • AmericanSpike LEE

    American film director, producer, writer, and[...]

    Spike LEE
  • AmericanMel GIBSON

    American actor, film director, producer and[...]

    Mel GIBSON
  • AmericanJohn MALKOVICH

    American actor, director, and producer

  • AmericanJohn CARPENTER

    American film director, screenwriter,[...]

  • AmericanTommy Lee JONES

    American actor and filmmaker

    Tommy Lee JONES
  • AmericanSylvester STALLONE

    American actor, screenwriter and film director

    Sylvester STALLONE

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