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  • AmericanCarrie FISHER

    American actress, novelist, screenwriter, and[...]

    (1956 - 2016)
    Carrie FISHER
  • AmericanTom HANKS

    American actor, producer, writer and director

    Tom HANKS
  • AmericanMel GIBSON

    American actor, film director, producer and[...]

    Mel GIBSON
  • AmericanGeena DAVIS

    American actress, film producer, writer,[...]

    Geena DAVIS
  • AmericanBruce WILLIS

    American actor, producer, and musician

    Bruce WILLIS
  • AmericanKevin COSTNER

    American actor, singer, musician, producer,[...]

    Kevin COSTNER
  • ScottishAnnie LENNOX

    Scottish singer, songwriter, political[...]

    Annie LENNOX
  • AmericanRobin WILLIAMS

    American actor, voice actor, and stand-up comedian

    (1951 - 2014)
    Robin WILLIAMS
  • AmericanSigourney WEAVER

    American actress

    Sigourney WEAVER
  • AmericanLionel RICHIE

    American singer-songwriter, musician and[...]

    Lionel RICHIE

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