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  • AmericanJay LENO

    American comedian, actor, philanthropist and[...]

    Jay LENO
    • Television & Radio Host
  • AmericanJay NIXON

    American politician who is the 55th and[...]

    Jay NIXON
    • Politics
  • AmericanJohn Jay CHAPMAN

    American author

    (1862 - 1933)
    John Jay CHAPMAN
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanJay CARNEY

    President Barack Obama's second White House[...]

    Jay CARNEY
    • Politics
  • AmericanJay NORTH

    American actor, for his role as Dennis[...]

    Jay NORTH
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanJay ROCKEFELLER

    United States Senator from West Virginia

    • Politics
  • AmericanNorman Jay COLMAN

    American politician, newspaper publisher, and[...]

    (1827 - 1911)
    Norman Jay COLMAN
    • Politics

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