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  • AmericanKanye WEST

    American recording artist, record producer,[...]

    Kanye WEST
    • Arts and Culture
  • ColombianSHAKIRA

    Colombian singer-songwriter, dancer, record[...]

    • Arts and Culture
    •  Other
  • FrenchEmmanuel MACRON

    French senior official, politician and former[...]

    Emmanuel MACRON
    • Politics
  • AmericanJessica CHASTAIN

    American actress and film producer

    Jessica CHASTAIN
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanBlake SHELTON

    American country music singer, songwriter,[...]

    Blake SHELTON
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanReese WITHERSPOON

    American actress and producer

    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanAnna FARIS

    American actress, producer, model, comedian,[...]

    Anna FARIS
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanStephanie MCMAHON

    American businesswoman, professional[...]

    Stephanie MCMAHON
    • Sports
    • Business and Inventions
  • AmericanChester BENNINGTON

    American singer and songwriter best known as[...]

    (1976 - 2017)
    Chester BENNINGTON
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanMichelle MONAGHAN

    American actress

    Michelle MONAGHAN
    • Arts and Culture

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