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  • AmericanAngelina JOLIE

    American actress, film director, and screenwriter

    Angelina JOLIE
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanLeonardo DICAPRIO

    American actor, film producer, and[...]

    Leonardo DICAPRIO
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanBen AFFLECK

    American actor, film director and screenwriter

    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanJennifer GARNER

    American actress, celebrity advertising and[...]

    Jennifer GARNER
    • Arts and Culture
  • FrenchVanessa PARADIS

    French singer, model and actress

    Vanessa PARADIS
    • Arts and Culture
    •  Other
  • AmericanGwyneth PALTROW

    American actress, singer, and food writer

    Gwyneth PALTROW
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanLance ARMSTRONG

    American professional road racing cyclist

    • Sports
  • CanadianJustin TRUDEAU

    Canadian politician and the leader of the[...]

    Justin TRUDEAU
    • Politics
  • AmericanMatt DAMON

    American actor, screenwriter and producer

    Matt DAMON
    • Arts and Culture
  • AmericanUma THURMAN

    American actress and model

    • Arts and Culture

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