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Born: on September 25, 1694


British Whig statesman, who served as Prime Minister of Great Britain

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Monday September 25, 2017 - Name Day: Barrie, Moriah

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AmericanJohn ASTIN born John Allen ASTIN

American actor

Astin was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to Margaret Linnie (née Mackenzie) and Dr. Allen Varley Astin, who was the director of the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology). At that time, Astin[...]

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AmericanArthur Ochs SULZBERGER JR. 

American journalist, Chairman of the Board of The New York Times Company

Sulzberger was born in Mount Kisco, New York, the son of Barbara Winslow (née Grant) and Arthur Ochs "Punch" Sulzberger Sr., the grandson of Arthur Hays Sulzberger, and the great-grandson Adolph Ochs.

Sulzberger's mother was[...]

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Robert Dean-FRISBIE

AmericanRobert Dean FRISBIE 

1896 - 1948
American writer of travel literature about Polynesia

Robert Dean Frisbie was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 17, 1896, the son of Arthur Grazly Frisbie and Florence Benson. As a young man, he left his parental home to serve in the U.S. Army during World War I. After discharge from the military,[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman - American politician


AmericanSteve BANNON born Stephen Kevin BANNON

American media executive and former investment banker, who is executive chairman of Breitbart News

Stephen Kevin Bannon was born on November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Doris (née Herr), a homemaker and Martin Bannon, who worked as an AT&T telephone lineman, later in middle management. His working class, Irish Catholic family[...]

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Mathématician - Physicist

James Clerk-MAXWELL

ScottishJames Clerk MAXWELL born James CLERK-MAXWELL

1831 - 1879
Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics

James Clerk Maxwell was born on 13 June 1831 at 14 India Street, Edinburgh, to John Clerk Maxwell of Middlebie, an advocate, and Frances Cay daughter of Robert Hodshon Cay and sister of John Cay. (His birthplace now houses a museum operated by[...]

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Singer & Musician


AmericanGary WRIGHT born Gary Malcolm WRIGHT

American singer, songwriter and musician

Gary Wright was born and raised in Cresskill, New Jersey. A child actor, he made his TV debut at the age of seven, on the show Captain Video and His Video Rangers, filmed in New York. Among other acting work, he appeared in TV and radio[...]

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