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Born: on August 16, 1848

Francis DARWIN

English botanist

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Thursday August 16, 2018 - Name Day: Craig, Roch, Rock, Serena

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French Colonial Wars

Edward William-PURVIS

EnglishEdward William PURVIS 

1857 - 1888
British army officer and settler of the Kingdom of Hawaii

Purvis was born on July 4, 1857, into a family of Scottish descent. His parents were Robert Raaf Purvis and Annie Silburn Marshall. His paternal grandfather, William Purvis, who worked as a trader and ship captain, had settled in the Dutch East[...]

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American politician


AmericanBrock ADAMS born Brockman ADAMS

1927 - 2004
American politician

Adams was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended the public schools in Portland, Oregon. He attended the University of Washington at Seattle where in 1948 he was elected president of the student government (ASUW) and was the first student to[...]

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AmericanCharlotte FORTEN GRIMKÉ born Charlotte Louise Bridges FORTEN

1837 - 1914
African-American anti-slavery activist, poet, and educator

Forten, known as "Lottie," was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Mary Virginia Wood (1815-1840) and Robert Bridges Forten (1813-1864), members of the prominent black Forten-Purvis clan of Philadelphia. Robert Forten and his brother-in-law[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman


AmericanJohn SCHNATTER born John H. SCHNATTER

American entrepreneur who founded Papa John's Pizza

Schnatter was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana, on November 22, 1961, to Mary and Robert Schnatter. He has German ancestry. He graduated from Jeffersonville High School, then earned a business degree from Ball State University in 1983.
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Industrialist, Businessman

Henry Nicholas-GREENWELL

EnglishHenry Nicholas GREENWELL 

1826 - 1891
English merchant credited with establishing Kona coffee as an internationally known brand

Henry Nicholas Greenwell was born 9 January 1826 in Lanchester, County Durham, England. His father was William Thomas Greenwell (1777–1856) and mother was Dorothy Smales (1789–1871). His oldest brother was William Greenwell (1820–1918) an[...]

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AmericanPatience CLEVELAND born Patience Mather CLEVELAND

1931 - 2004
American film and television actress

Cleveland was born in New York City, the youngest of six siblings, to an old established New Hampshire family, where she was raised. Her parents were Dr. Mather Cleveland, M.D. and his wife, Susan Colgate Cleveland. Her father authored New[...]

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