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American actor

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Sunday February 23, 2020 - Name Day: Gloria, Riley

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AmericanJuliette CUMMINS born Juliette Marie COBB

American actress

She is perhaps best known for her role in the 1985 horror movie Friday the 13th: A New Beginning as Robin. She has also appeared in the 1986 movie Psycho III as Red, and in the 1987 movie Slumber Party Massacre 2 as Sheila Barrington.

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American politician - Industrialist, Businessman


AmericanMichael BLOOMBERG born Michael Rubens BLOOMBERG

American politician, businessman, and author, 108th Mayor of New York City

Bloomberg was born at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, in Brighton, a neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, on February 14, 1942, to William Henry Bloomberg (1906–1963), a bookkeeper for a dairy company, and Charlotte (Rubens) Bloomberg[...]

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American politician


AmericanCharles ANDERSON 

1814 - 1895
American politician, 27th Governor of Ohio

Anderson was born in Louisville, Kentucky, to a prominent family; his father, Richard Clough Anderson Sr., was an aide to the Marquis de Lafayette during the American Revolution. Anderson graduated from Miami University in 1833, studied law and[...]

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American politician - Lawyer, judge


AmericanWilliam BARR born William Pelham BARR

American lawyer and government official, 77th and 85th United States Attorney General

His father, Donald Barr, taught English literature at Columbia University before becoming headmaster of the Dalton School in Manhattan and later the Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, both members of the Ivy Preparatory School League. Barr's[...]

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American politician

Augustus Owsley-STANLEY

AmericanAugustus Owsley STANLEY 

1867 - 1958
American politician, 38th Governor of Kentucky

Augustus Owsley Stanley was born in Shelbyville, Kentucky, on May 21, 1867; he was the eldest of seven children of William and Amanda (Owsley) Stanley. His father was a minister of the Disciples of Christ and served as a judge advocate on the[...]

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EnglishDiana RIGG born Enid Diana Elizabeth RIGG

English actress

Rigg was born in Doncaster, which was then in the West Riding of Yorkshire, now in South Yorkshire, in 1938, to Louis Rigg (1903–1968) and Beryl Hilda (née Helliwell; 1908–1981); her father was a railway engineer who had been born in[...]

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