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George C.-SCOTT
Born: on October 18, 1927

George C. SCOTT

American stage and film actor, director and producer

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Thursday October 18, 2018 - Name Day: Blaine, Luca

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Actor - Director


AmericanJohn KRASINSKI born John Burke KRASINSKI

American actor, screenwriter, producer, and director

Krasinski was born at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, to Mary Clare (née Doyle; born 1949), a nurse, and Ronald Krasinski (born 1946), an internist. His father is Polish-American and his mother is[...]

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Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn-DAHM

AmericanNicole, Erica and Jaclyn DAHM 

American identical triplets

The triplets grew up in Jordan, Minnesota, and attended Jordan's public schools. All three also attended the University of Minnesota.

They are the Playmates centerfold for the Girls of the Big Ten December 1998 issue of Playboy[...]

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American football


AmericanClay MATTHEWS III born William Clay MATTHEWS

American football outside linebacker

Matthews was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Leslie and Clay Matthews Jr., a professional football player. The family has a history of professional football players. Matthews's grandfather was Clay Matthews Sr. His brother is[...]

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Author - Television & Radio Host - American - Sciences - Other


AmericanPhil MCGRAW born Phillip Calvin MCGRAW

American television personality, author, psychologist, and the host of the television show Dr. Phil

McGraw was born in Vinita, Oklahoma, the son of Anne Geraldine "Jerry" (née Stevens) and Joseph J. "Joe" McGraw, Jr. He grew up with two older sisters, Deana and Donna, and younger sister Brenda in the oilfields of North Texas where his father[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman - American politician


EnglishSimon BRADSTREET 

1603 - 1697
Colonial magistrate, businessman, diplomat, and the last governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Simon Bradstreet was baptized on March 18, 1603/4 in Horbling, Lincolnshire, the second of three sons of Simon and Margaret Bradstreet. His father was the rector of the parish church, and was descended from minor Irish nobility. With his father[...]

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AmericanLoni ANDERSON born Loni Kaye ANDERSON

American actress

Anderson was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the daughter of Maxine Hazel (née Kallin; 1924–1985), a model, and Klaydon Carl "Andy" Anderson (1922–1977), an environmental chemist, and grew up in suburban Roseville. As a senior at Alexander[...]

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