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American actor and narrator

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Tuesday June 02, 2020 - Name Day: Elma, Erasmo

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AmericanAlexander HALL born Alexander Collins HALL

1894 - 1968
American film director and theatre actor

Hall acted in the theatre from the age of four through 1914, when he began to work in silent movies. Following his military service in World War I, he returned to Hollywood and pursued a career in film production. He worked as a film editor and[...]

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American politician - Lawyer, judge


AmericanMatthew WHITAKER born Matthew George WHITAKER

American lawyer and politician who served as the acting United States Attorney General

Matthew George Whitaker was born in Des Moines, Iowa, on October 29, 1969. He graduated from Ankeny High School, where "his football achievements resulted in his induction in the Iowa High School Football Hall of Fame". He attended the[...]

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EnglishGeorgiana CAVENDISH born Georgiana SPENCER

1757 - 1806
English socialite, political organizer, style icon, author, and activist

The duchess was born Miss Georgiana Spencer, on 7 June 1757, as the first child of John Spencer (later Earl Spencer) and his wife, Georgiana (née Poyntz, later Countess Spencer), at the Spencer family home, Althorp. After her daughter's birth,[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman


AmericanBenjamin HANKS 

1755 - 1824
American goldsmith, instrument maker, clockmaker, bellfounder, and foundry owner

According to historian Susan Whitney Dimock's 1898 book "Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths: From the Records of the Town and Churches in Mansfield, Connecticut, 1703–1850" Benjamin Hanks was born 29 October 1755 in Mansfield,[...]

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Actor - Author - Director


EnglishPeter USTINOV born Peter Alexander Freiherr VON USTINOV

1921 - 2004
English actor, writer, filmmaker, theatre and opera director, comedian, radio broadcaster and television presenter

Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov was born in London, England. His father, Jona Freiherr von Ustinov, was of Russian, Polish Jewish, German and Ethiopian descent. Peter's paternal grandfather was Baron Plato von Ustinov, a Russian noble, and[...]

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AmericanKurt VONNEGUT born Kurt Jr. VONNEGUT

1922 - 2007
American writer

He was the youngest of three children of Kurt Vonnegut Sr. and his wife Edith (born Lieber). His older siblings were Bernard (born 1914) and Alice (born 1917). Vonnegut was descended from German immigrants who settled in the United States in the[...]

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