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Born: on June 19, 1950


American musician, best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the hard rock band Heart

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Tuesday June 19, 2018 - Name Day: Carissa, Jarvis

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Actor - Television & Radio Host - American


AmericanDavid SPADE born David Wayne SPADE

American actor, stand-up comedian, writer, and television personality

Spade was born in Birmingham, Michigan. He is the son of Judith J. (née Meek), a writer and magazine editor, and Wayne M. Spade, a sales representative. His brothers are Bryan and Andy Spade; Andy Spade is an entrepreneur who, together with his[...]

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Fraudster & Robber


AmericanJoyce MCKINNEY born Joyce Bernann MCKINNEY

American beauty queen and kidnapper involved in the Manacled Mormon case

The Manacled Mormon case, also known as the Mormon sex in chains case, was a widely reported scandal involving a sexual assault by an American woman, Joyce McKinney, on a young American Mormon missionary, Kirk Anderson, in England in 1977.[...]

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AmericanSam ELLIOTT born Samuel Pack ELLIOTT

American actor

Elliott was born in Sacramento, California, to a mother who was a physical training instructor and a father who worked for the Department of the Interior. He moved to Portland, Oregon, with his family during his teenage years, graduating from[...]

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AmericanKatharine ROSS born Katharine Juliet ROSS

American film and stage actress

Ross was born in Hollywood, California, on January 29, 1940 (though many sources cite 1942 or 1943) when her father, Dudley Ross, was in the Navy. He had also worked for the Associated Press. Her family later settled in Walnut Creek, California,[...]

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AmericanJean SEBERG born Jean Dorothy SEBERG

1938 - 1979
American actress

Jean Dorothy Seberg was born in Marshalltown, Iowa, the daughter of Dorothy Arline (b. Benson; July 11, 1909 – March 7, 1997), a substitute teacher, and Edward Waldemar Seberg (October 2, 1906 – September 5, 1984), a pharmacist. Her family[...]

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Architect & Designer - Industrialist, Businessman


AmericanKate SPADE born Katherine Noel BROSNAHAN

1962 - 2018
American fashion designer and businesswoman

Brosnahan was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the daughter of June (Mullen) and Earl Francis Brosnahan. She was of mostly Irish descent. She graduated from St. Teresa's Academy, an all-girl Catholic high school. She attended the University of[...]

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