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William S.-GRAY

AmericanWilliam S. GRAY born William Scott GRAY

1885 - 1960
American educator and literacy advocate

Gray was born in the town of Coatsburg, Illinois on June 5, 1885. He graduated from high school in 1904 and began teaching in a one-room school house in Adams County, Illinois. After four years of teaching and being a principal he went to[...]

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AmericanFlorence MAYBRICK born Florence Elizabeth CHANDLER

1862 - 1941
American woman convicted in Great Britain of murdering her husband, James Maybrick

She was born Florence Elizabeth Chandler in Mobile, Alabama, the daughter of William George Chandler, a partner in the banking firm of St. John Powers and Company, and at one time mayor of Mobile. Her father died, and her mother Caroline[...]

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EnglishRose LESLIE 

Scottish actress

Leslie was born to a noble family in Aberdeen, Scotland. She was raised at Lickleyhead Castle in Aberdeenshire, her family's 15th century ancestral seat. Her father, Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie, is the Aberdeenshire Chieftain of Clan Leslie. Her[...]

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Singer & Musician


EnglishDavid GILMOUR born David Jon GILMOUR

English singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer, member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd

David Jon Gilmour was born on 6 March 1946, in Cambridge, England. His father, Douglas Gilmour, eventually became a senior lecturer in zoology at the University of Cambridge, and his mother, Sylvia (née Wilson), trained as a teacher and[...]

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AmericanJohnny RINGO born John Peters RINGO

1850 - 1882
Associate of the loosely federated group of outlaw Cochise County Cowboys in frontier Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona Territory, USA

Johnny Ringo was born in Greens Fork, Indiana, of distant Dutch ancestry. His family moved to Liberty, Missouri in 1856. He was a contemporary of Frank and Jesse James, who lived nearby in Kearney, Missouri, and became a cousin of the Younger[...]

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Architect & Designer

John Buonarotti-PAPWORTH

EnglishJohn Buonarotti PAPWORTH 

1775 - 1847
British architect, artist and a founder member of the Royal Institute of British Architects

Papworth was born in Marylebone, London, in 1775 to John Papworth and his wife Charlotte (née Searle). He was one of twelve children and the second of six sons. His father described himself as an "architect, plasterer and builder". His[...]

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