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Thomas Haden-CHURCH
Born: on June 17, 1960

Thomas Haden CHURCH

American actor, director, and writer

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Monday June 17, 2019 - Name Day: Alcine, Harvey, Lamar

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Industrialist, Businessman


EnglishRupert ZU LOEWENSTEIN born Rupert Louis Ferdinand Frederick Constantine Lofredo Leopold Herbert Maximilian Hubert John Henry ZU LOEWENSTEIN

1933 - 2014
Spanish-born Bavarian aristocrat and the longtime financial manager of the rock band The Rolling Stones

A scion of the royal houses of Wittelsbach and Löwenstein-Wertheim, Loewenstein was born in Palma, Majorca, Spain, the son of Prince Felicien Leopold Friedrich Ludwig Hubertus zu Loewenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (1903–1974) and his wife,[...]

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American politician


AmericanJoseph B. FORAKER born Joseph Benson FORAKER

1846 - 1917
American politician, 37th Governor of Ohio

Joseph Benson Foraker was born on July 5, 1846, on a farm about 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Rainsboro, Ohio, in Highland County. He was the son of Henry and Margaret (Reece) Foraker, and one of 11 children, of whom nine reached adulthood. Henry[...]

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American politician


AmericanOscar L. CHAPMAN born Oscar Littleton CHAPMAN

1896 - 1978
American politician, 34th United States Secretary of the Interior

Chapman was born in Omega, Halifax County, Virginia, to James Jackson Chapman, a Virginia farmer, and his wife, Rosa Archer Blunt. He started taking night classes at the University of Denver, spent the 1927–1928 school year at the University[...]

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AmericanTed TRUMAN born Edwin Malcolm TRUMAN

American economist

Truman was awarded a BA from Amherst College in 1963, and a Ph.D in economics from Yale University in 1976. In 1988 Amherst College awarded him an Honorary LL.D.

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American politician


AmericanJim FOLSOM born James Elisha FOLSOM

1908 - 1987
American politician, 42nd Governor of Alabama

Born in Coffee County in southeastern Alabama, Folsom was among the first southern governors to advocate a moderate position on integration and improvement of civil rights for African Americans. In his Christmas message on December 25, 1949, he[...]

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Industrialist, Businessman - Lawyer, judge

William Lowell-PUTNAM

AmericanWilliam Lowell PUTNAM 

1861 - 1924
American lawyer and banker

Putnam graduated from Harvard in 1882, and proceeded to make a professional name for himself in legal and financial circles. Even before his marriage to Percival Lowell's sister, Elizabeth, in 1888, Putnam (who was also Percival's half third[...]

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