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Robert TAFT, JR.

American Robert TAFT, JR.

born Robert Alphonso TAFT

United States Senator from Ohio

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Born: on February 26, 1917 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Died: on December 07, 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA


Robert, Jr. was a great-grandson of Secretary of War Alphonso Taft, grandson of President William Howard Taft and First Lady Helen Louise "Nellie" Herron as well as Lloyd Wheaton Bowers and Louisa Bennett Wilson. He was the second son of Senator Robert Alphonso Taft, Sr. (1889-1953) and Martha Wheaton Bowers (1889-1958). Robert, Jr. married Blanca Duncan Noel. They were the parents of Ohio Governor Robert Alphonso "Bob" Taft III and three other children.

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