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American Joseph M. MCCORMICK

born Joseph Medill MCCORMICK

United States Senator from Illinois

Source :  Tim DOWLING

Born: on May 16, 1877 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: on February 25, 1925 in Washington, D.C., USA


Joseph Medill McCormick was born in Chicago. His father was the future diplomat Robert Sanderson McCormick (1849–1919), who was a nephew of Cyrus McCormick. McCormick attended the Groton School, a preparatory school at Groton, Massachusetts. He graduated from Yale University in 1900, where he was elected to the secret society Scroll and Key.

He worked as a newspaper reporter and publisher, and became an owner of the Chicago Daily Tribune. He later purchased interests in The Cleveland Leader and Cleveland News. In 1901 he served as a war correspondent in the Philippine Islands.

Source :  http://www.wikipedia.org/

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