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John Ellerton-LODGE
Born: on November 26, 1807

John Ellerton LODGE

American ship merchant

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Wednesday November 26, 2014 - Name Day: Mallory

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Industrialist, Businessman

Charles Lewis-TIFFANY

AmericanCharles Lewis TIFFANY 

1812 - 1902
Leader in the American jewelry trade in the nineteenth century, he founded Tiffany & Co.

Born in Killingly, Connecticut on February 15, 1812, Tiffany was educated in a district school and in an academy in Plainfield, Connecticut. Starting at the age of 15, he helped manage a small general store started by his father, the owner of a[...]

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AmericanWilla CATHER born Wilella Sibert CATHER

1873 - 1947
American author

Cather was born Wilella Sibert Cather in 1873 on her maternal grandmother's farm in the Back Creek Valley near Winchester, Virginia (see Willa Cather Birthplace). Her father was Charles Fectigue Cather (d. 1928), whose family had lived on land[...]

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AmericanBruce DERN born Bruce Macleish DERN

American actor

Dern was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Jean (née MacLeish) and John Dern, a utility chief and attorney. He grew up in Kenilworth, Illinois. His paternal grandfather was George Henry Dern, a former Utah governor and Secretary of[...]

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Sciences - Other


AmericanWilliam H. PRESCOTT born William Hickling PRESCOTT

1796 - 1859
American historian and Hispanist, who is widely recognized by historiographers to have been the first American scientific historian

William H. Prescott was born in Salem, Massachusetts on May 4, 1796, the first of seven children, although four of his siblings died in infancy. His parents were William Prescott, Jr., a lawyer, and his wife, née Catherine Greene[...]

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French Revolution & Empire, 19th Century


EnglishCharles CORNWALLIS 

1738 - 1805
British Army officer and colonial administrator

Cornwallis was born in Grosvenor Square, even though his family's estates were in Kent. He was the eldest son of Charles Cornwallis, 5th Baron Cornwallis. His mother, Elizabeth, was the daughter of the 2nd Viscount Townshend, and niece of Sir[...]

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French Revolution & Empire, 19th Century - British Politician


EnglishGeorge BINGHAM born George Charles BINGHAM

1800 - 1888
British Army officer

Born the first son of the 2nd Earl of Lucan and Elizabeth Bingham (née Belasyse), Bingham attended Westminster School but left formal education to be commissioned as an ensign in the 6th Regiment of Foot on 29 August 1816. He transferred[...]

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