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Born: on August 03, 1940

Martin SHEEN

American film actor

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Monday August 03, 2015 - Name Day: Lida, Loyal, Lyle, Lyman

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Lawyer, Magistrate - American politician


AmericanReuben H. WALWORTH born Reuben Hyde WALWORTH

1788 - 1867
American lawyer and politician, he was the last Chancellor of New York

Walworth was the son of Benjamin Walworth and Apphia (Hyde Cardell) Walworth. The family removed to Hoosick, New York, when Reuben was still a child. He studied law at Troy, was admitted to the bar in 1809, and commenced practice in Plattsburgh.[...]

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AmericanJackie STALLONE born Jacqueline Frances LABOFISH

American astrologer, former dancer, and promoter of women's wrestling

Jackie Stallone was born Jacqueline Frances Labofish in Washington, D.C. Her father, John Paul Labofish (15 January 1891-11 September 1956), was a Washington lawyer. Her mother, Jeanne Victoria Anne "Adrienne" Clerec (1896-1974), was a young[...]

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American politician


AmericanEmerson ETHERIDGE born Henry Emerson ETHERIDGE

1819 - 1902
American politician, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee

Etheridge was born in Currituck County, North Carolina, the son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Harvey) Etheridge. In the early 1830s, he moved with his parents to Weakley County, Tennessee, where they settled on a 1,000-acre (400 ha) farm near the[...]

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Architect & Designer


AmericanBruce PRICE 

1845 - 1903
American architect and an innovator in the Shingle Style

Price was born in Cumberland, Maryland, the son of William and Marian Bruce Price. He studied for a short time at Princeton University. After four years of internship in the office of the Baltimore, Maryland architects Niernsee & Neilson[...]

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Lawyer, Magistrate - American politician

Martin D.-HARDIN

AmericanMartin D. HARDIN born Martin Davis HARDIN

1780 - 1823
American politician and lawyer from Kentucky

Hardin was born June 21, 1780, along the Monongahela River in western Pennsylvania. He was the eldest son of Colonel John and Jane (Davies) Hardin. Named for his grandfather, he adopted the middle initial "D." to distinguish between them. The[...]

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AmericanCharles BUTTERWORTH born Charles Edward BUTTERWORTH

1896 - 1946
American actor

He once worked on a newspaper but was fired and then rehired when it was found out that he was courting the daughter of a big local advertiser. He also worked in the legal profession before going on stage and becoming a comedian in vaudeville in[...]

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